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MusickDen is a leading Audio Video Solution Company that provides the speciality of AV solutions serving both Commercial & Residential Purposes. We have steadfastly remained independent, but not isolated. Across the region, MusickDen has developed productive alliances and partnerships that advance our capacity to serve our clients in a better way & with better solutions

Audio Systems

Today, our clients are demanding more from their theatres. Not just a place to watch movies, theatres are becoming multi functional entertainment sanctuaries that fulfill a wide range of entertainment needs. Through creative support and technical guidance, MisickDen will help you realize the entertainment sanctuary of your dreams.

Background Sound Solutions

Multi-room systems enable access to your music content anywhere at anytime; music while relaxing by the pool, catching up while getting ready in the morning or creating the perfect ambiance for your next very special event. We design our systems to deliver clear reliable sound quality with intuitive operation that makes your time off what it should be, relaxing!

Consultation For A/V Solutions

We live in a unique time, when creative ideas are not just dreams but can be made possible by utilizing the endless resources and technologies available. Here at MusickDen we love a challenge, especially when the results are potentially groundbreaking in our industry. We encourage our clients to exercise their creativity and put our expertise to work.

Automation Control Systems

With all this complicated stuff, you need a fantastic control system. MusickDen believes control is the key to happiness, that's why we give it the utmost importance. We approach control systems with a minimalist philosophy, making sure your control interface is simplistic and intuitive so you won't need a manual to operate it, even if it's your first time.

Dedicated Home Theatre Rooms

Some home cinema enthusiasts go so far as to build a dedicated room in the home for the theatre. These more advanced installations often include sophisticated acoustic design elements, including "room-in-a-room" construction that isolates sound and provides the potential for a nearly ideal listening environment. These installations are often designated as "screening rooms" to differentiate from simpler installations.



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